Thursday, June 19, 2008

You know you've been living in Switzerland for long when....

Taken from a group on facebook...funny :)
You know you have been living in Switzerland for long when - think getting up early is good throw a party and expect everyone to leave by 11:30 pm clean up during parties expect dinner guests to help with the washing up think it's fair that you can only wash clothes once a month religiously and carefully write down the dates of the Waschküchekalendar in your agenda wish that your hometown had expensive garbage bags too wear white socks with black shoes become concerned about the color of your neighbor's curtains dress up to go grocery shopping prefer plain chocolate to candy bars
... you love Sunday Brunch
... you make your own yogurts feel really hungry if you don't start eating lunch by 12:00 love Migros Budget have breakfast cereal for dinner consider it healthy to eat lots of milk products and lean red meat know fruit pies are a perfectly good meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner don't mind waiting in restaurants think it's OK for a Chinese restaurant to be run by a Swiss and staffed with Spaniards and Portuguese start thinking, 'Why can't they just speak Schwiizerdeutsch?'
...your German is better than the waiter's prefer Swiss wine don't worry about your jacket being stolen in a restaurant don't feel embarrassed when you order something non-alcoholic in a bar expect a slice of lemon in your coke prefer fizzy mineral water to tap water only eat fondue in winter (yuck!!!) begin to understand the subtlety of the Swiss cuisine think that milk and butter prices should be regulated worry about the economic hardships that Swiss farmers face consider getting goats and sheep to graze in your backyard appreciate the differences between the cantons actually get interested in the local elections know the words to the Swiss national anthem try to defend cartel based economics to a visitor think it was through their own efforts that Switzerland stayed out of WWII think that Switzerland's conservation efforts make a difference think that hard work is responsible for the stability of the Swiss franc hope Switzerland doesn't join the European community think that Swisscom approved telephones are better buy a new one instead of getting it repaired refuse to tell someone your salary get concerned about all the foreigners moving into the country think that 3% unemployment is high are willing to pay higher prices, because it ensures higher quality feel like you're broke if you have less that CHF 300 in your pocket don't mind paying CHF 16 for a paperback book wonder why anyone would want to shop outside of working hours expect the shop clerk to say goodbye after you purchase something say Grüezi to everyone, and consider it impolite when they don't say it back know "let's go for a walk" translates to "let's go for a five hour hike up hill/mountain in considerable amounts of snow" call your cell phone "handy" and a projector "beamer" have trouble finding English words start capitalizing Nouns, and joining Bigwords together insist on speaking German to people that are obviously English speakers take a foreign language course, in German start preparing costumes for Fasnacht think Thursday night shopping is really convenient buy Swiss anxiously count your Coop Supercard and/or Migros Cumulus points after each trip to the supermarket pick a three-wheel push cart for your kid become interested in the myriad of insurance offerings think that air conditioning makes people sick don't mind spending all day in the restaurant at a ski resort, and wonder why all the foreigners insist on skiing when the conditions are less than optimal consider target shooting a 'sport' wouldn’t miss Herbschtmäss for a sack of gold're not upset when a public holiday falls on a Sunday think that Sunday should be a day of rest start complaining about the breakdown of traditional Swiss values complain to your neighbor about the noise when he flushes his toilet after 10 pm get annoyed when the car ahead of you doesn't turn off it's motor at a traffic light call the police when you see someone washing their car on a Sunday stop your engine at the red light start getting irritated with honking (if at all it ever happens!) consider it normal to pay 50 CHF for a haircut read this far